MO Bar

MO Bar

Sleek, sophisticated and always in style featuring a summer terrace.

Discover the newly redesigned MO Bar in Geneva, recently transformed to provide an unparalleled experience. Our bar presents an exquisite selection of cocktails and mocktails, crafted by the renowned mixologist Christophe Pinto. Immerse yourself in a world of international flavours, where each cocktail is meticulously prepared with quality ingredients. Our modern and elegant setting, with shades of smoky brown and vibrant turquoise, invites you to savour every moment.


The creations of Christophe Pinto reflect his talent and passion for the art of mixology. Inspired by the Silk Road, his unique concoctions are crafted from infusions and teas from India and Asia, providing an unparalleled gustatory experience by the banks of the Rhône River, near Lake Geneva.


Mindful about the environment, Christophe Pinto revisits classics by reducing waste and recycling ingredients such as coffee grounds, preserved and transformed into syrup, which you will find in the Espresso Martini.


As accompaniment, our Executive Chef, Laurent Wozniak, offers you a refined selection of exceptional tapas, along with timeless classics such as the delightful club sandwich or the incomparable beef tartare. At the MO Bar, we are committed to providing our guests with the best, whether in their glasses or on their plates.

  • Hours
    • 9am - 1am (Monday - Friday)
    • 10:30am - 1am (Saturday & Sunday & Bank Holidays)
  • Terrace
    • Open until midnight


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