In-room Dining

WashingtonIn-Room Dining

In-Room Dining

Enjoying a meal in your cozy guest room is a pure pleasure.

champagne and cakes as room amenities

With a call to our kitchen or a text via our HelloMO app, you can order up a sumptuous breakfast over which to linger while taking in views of the waterfront. Or you can enjoy our famous Afternoon Tea service in the parlor of your suite.

As you get comfortable in your room, select from our inspired snacks menu with just the right options to delight you while you stay in to watch a movie or read a favourite novel.


Menu highlights

Maryland Blue Crab Avocado Toast
Blue crab salad on top of smashed avocados served over grilled sourdough bread garnished with pickled mustard seeds, cilantro, and radishes.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Ranch Dusted Fried Chicken, Buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese, ranch drizzle, and chives

Spicy Green Curry
lemongrass infused coconut milk, Thai basil, jasmine rice with market vegetables

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