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Inspired by ancient traditions and designed for your personal needs, every one of our unique treatments has been created to bring equilibrium to your mind, body and spirit


For your convenience, a 20% service charge will be added for each service on your final bill.

Relax and revive, from head to toe

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Therapeutic Massage

  • Mon - Thu
    USD 235
  • Fri - Sun
    USD 255

Firm pressure is used with specific techniques to dissolve your body's aches and pains, targeting areas of tension using elbows and forearms to achieve an effective deep tissue massage.

1 hour 20 minutes

Hot Stone Therapy

  • Mon-Thu
    USD 235
  • Fri-Sun
    USD 255

Inspired by traditional Native American Indian practices, this relaxing massage uses heated stones to generate energy and create a sense of balance. It also helps relieve deep-seated muscle tension.

1 hour 20 minutes

Oriental Essence

    USD 215
    USD 235

This massage is a part of the Mandarin Oriental’s signature spa therapies and has been designed for the tired traveler, stressed executive or someone who just wishes to relieve neck and shoulder tension. This massage centers on all stress areas of the body. Utilizing our Signature Quintessence oil blended with warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense all come together to realign the mind and emotions. A completely relaxing treatment.

Finishing Touches

25 minutes

Holistic Hand Treatment

  • Price
    USD 50

A relaxing treatment using aromatherapy oils including a gentle exfoliation and hand massage. Finishes with the polish of your choice.

40 minutes

Mandarin Oriental Manicure

  • Price
    USD 70

A complete manicure during which hands are cleansed, exfoliated, treated and nourished.

70 minutes

Mandarin Oriental Pedicure

  • Price
    USD 95

A complete pedicure during which feet are cleansed, exfoliated, treated, and nourished.

15 minutes

Shellac Add-On

  • Price
    USD 20

This flawless treatment involves zero dry time, no nail damage, resilient mirror finish, strong protected nails, and flawless colour for up to 14 days.

Signature Therapies

1 hour 50 minutes

Oriental Qi

  • Wed - Thu
    USD 325
  • Fri - Sun
    USD 345

A simple, effective, and authentic spa experience. This relaxing, hands-on body massage ritual works on the energy of the meridians’ using the benefits of essential oils.

1 hour 50 minutes / 2 hours 50 minutes

Time Rituals™

    USD 325 /475
    USD 345 / 495

Mandarin Oriental’s bespoke “Time Rituals” encourage guests to book time rather than specific treatments, so that services can be tailor-made to meet individual needs. Each “Time Ritual” begins with a soothing foot ritual and is designed to restore a natural state of equilibrium.

Advanced Skin Care

50 minutes / 1 hour 20 minutes

Personalised Facial

  • Mon-Thu
    USD 175 / 195
  • Fri-Sun
    USD 225 / 245

Beginning with a facial assessment to determine your skin type, our therapist will select products from our ESPA facial range to create a facial experience tailor made to your skin's needs.

50 minutes


    USD 275
    USD 295

This signature multi-faceted and customized treatment is focused on the face, neck, décolleté and hands is designed to instantly show improvements. Beginning with a deep cleansing and exfoliation and followed by a lifting facial massage with varying serums and facial masks. This treatment is recommended for all skin types.

1 hour 20 minutes


    USD 375
    USD 395

An efficient cocktail of micro-crystalline algae, natural amino acids, masks and serums that exfoliates, restructures, firms, hydrates and protects. Combined with modulating techniques and massage, VIP Lifting redefines facial contours, giving an instant lifting effect while accelerating the collagen’s ability to regenerate. Leaving your skin younger looking and soft to the touch.

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