The curtain’s up on magical culinary extravaganza Sublimotion

Sublimotion will be back at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai from November 2022. To book your experience, please email


Sublimotion is an unparalleled multi-sensory journey, offering just 12 diners round one table an unprecedented dining experience through culinary art and technological innovation.

Diners are welcomed into the exciting world of molecular gastronomy and haute cuisine where innovation, art and technology combine to create dramatic culinary delights in an original and compelling atmosphere.

The extraordinary Sublimotion, which opened to instant renown in an exclusive space in Ibiza in 2014, is the brainchild of Paco Roncero, chef and owner of two-Michelin-starred Paco Roncero Restaurante in Madrid, accompanied by co-founder and creative director Eduardo Gonzales of Vega Factory.

The show includes 360-degree screens to stimulate diners’ senses with imagery projected onto every surface, from the walls to the table. It’s a spectacular hi-tech show around a fantastic epicurean encounter that quite literally turns the dining room into a stage, the staff into actors and the lucky diners into stars.

Dress code: Smart elegant or national attire. We respectfully ask guests to refrain from wearing sportswear, beachwear, torn jeans and flip flops. Long pants are required.

For information, please email and follow us on instagram @sublimotiondubai.

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Magical Sublimotion

Culinary aspirations

True to the culinary aspirations of Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai and guest chef Paco Roncero, famed for his two-Michelin-starred restaurant, the dining itself is at the very heart of the magical Sublimotion.

However, with mystery and surprise as essential ingredients, the Sublimotion cuisine and menu are closely guarded secrets. This is because the performance and presentation of the fare are key to the dining experience.


Exciting journey

Experience it first-hand

Leaving aside the fact that there are at least 25 people involved in a Sublimotion performance and the presentation of its food to the 12 diners present, there’s an impressive amount of high-tech activity in the background and foreground.

The team consists of brilliant designers, engineers, stage directors, composers, illusionists and actors, inspired by Paco Roncero, chef and owner of a two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

The whole Sublimotion performance is an exciting journey in time and space, which can really only be explained by those lucky enough to experience it first-hand.

cuisine experience

Pioneering Founder

Pioneering Founder

The pioneering founder of the Sublimotion dining concept, Chef Paco Roncero, uses his passion for art and technology to bring together his love of fine food with the drama and delight of a social eating occasion. Chef Paco is a leading representative of the Spanish culinary art both locally and internationally. He believes that technical and creative art is reflected not only in the style of cuisine but also in the way fine food is offered as a unique sensory experience.