Soulful Mexican cuisine.

Located near the pool on the Oriental Wing, ALMA pays homage to Mexican cuisine with an air of tranquility, amidst the evening breeze and potted cactus.


Chef de Cuisine, Paola Lopez Arenas, exhibits her passion for Mexican cuisine through an authentic and approachable yet elevated menu. Traditional Mexican dishes are prepared using modern techniques, and every creation is a masterpiece that exudes culinary artistry. Guests can savour delicious tacos, tostadas, and ceviches while lounging by the pool, or share a main dish such as lamb barbacoa all together. Elsewhere, the extensive beverage menu focuses on Latin American spirits and flavours, such as tamarind, hibiscus and horchata.


ALMA invites diners to unwind, dine, and drink around the table while enjoying oceanfront views. Restaurant guests are not required to purchase a day pass and can enter through the Oriental Wing entrance for leisurely lunches and drinks by the pool.

  • Hours
    • 9am - 7pm (Monday – Friday)
    • 9am - 10pm (Saturday – Sunday)

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