Authentic Cantonese and select provincial dishes from around China

Experience an unmatched journey of culinary discovery at Liang, showcasing unique and distinct Chinese cuisine. Guests can expect an engaging experience of culinary craftsmanship with enriching stories and authentic flavours.


The restaurant’s name, Liang, translates to the beam of light reflected by the moon in Chinese. Emphasizing the Moon as a key symbol in both cultures, the restaurant’s name aims to celebrate the connection between Qatari and Chinese tradition.


To create the most authentic Chinese restaurant in Doha, Mandarin Oriental, Doha has partnered with Hong Kong Maxim’s Caterer Ltd. Delegated by Maxim’s Group, Executive Chef Thomas Fong Chin Fan he brings a unique insight and extensive knowledge of Chinese food culture. Under his guidance and vision, his team will execute Liang’s signature dishes and newly added traditional and contemporary Chinese delicacies


Guests can look forward to witnessing traditional experiences like the famous La Mian performance and the traditional Tea performance. The traditional creation of Beijing La Mian is performed live by our master chefs, transforming a simple mound of dough into hundreds of long thin strands of noodles within minutes. During the Tea performance by a certified Sichuan Tea Master, a traditional long-spout teapot is incorporated into a fusion of traditional dance and martial arts.


Siphon Coffee Selection at Liang | Daily 12 - 11pm


Enjoy a unique coffee tasting experience at Liang, aimed to celebrate the connection between Qatari and Chinese culture. The new menu is served exclusively at Liang’s outdoor terrace to enjoy a quick coffee and dessert combination. The Siphon Coffee menu is served for two guests, a Classic Siphon Coffee made with locally roasted coffee and a East West Siphon Coffee made with locally roasted coffee infused with a touch of classic Chinese tea. Pair with a selection of speciality desserts inspired by traditional Chinese flavours like Red Bean Pancake, Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts, Deep Fried Milk Cake and Chinese Green Tea Cheesecake.

  • Daily
    12pm - 1am
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