fête d’enfants
Abou Dabi

Kids Palace

C’est parti pour l’aventure !

A haven for young minds to explore, learn and play.


Imagine a place where curiosity is celebrated, friendships blossom and every day is an adventure waiting to unfold – a magical world where your child's journey is the heart of our mission.


Step into a world of wonder as we invite you to explore our enchanting realm designed exclusively for the little ones. From educational wonders that spark curiosity to whimsical playthings that ignite laughter, our collection is a treasure trove for every age and interest.


We are dedicated to empowering children through our five core pillars, establishing a sustainable and captivating environment that nurtures growth in various aspects of life, while placing strong emphasis on environmental responsibility and embracing diversity.

The colourful, joyful design features dedicated areas for different age groups including Fatima & Friends for 10 months to 3 years old, the only room with parental and direct access to a mini playground; family Nest, Falcon Adventures for children aged 4 to 12, and the children’s restaurant called Flutter Bites.


Indoor and outdoor spaces encourage exploration and adventure within a safe, nurturing environment, especially during seasonal camps. Across three levels, the second floor is designated for birthday celebrations, while the third boasts an observatory. Featuring spaces for movie nights, cooking classes, peer learning programs and beyond, our young fans are in for an exciting experience.