The Mandarin Oriental Gourmet Shop

The Mandarin Oriental Gourmet Shop

Lovingly prepared and exquisitely presented, our delicious delicacies are a true luxury.

Offering only the finest home-made cakes, breads and sandwiches to take away or eat in, the Mandarin Oriental Gourmet Shop is located at street level on Chuo Dori. Our artisanal sweets and savouries are beautifully presented and thoughtfully packaged, making even the smallest selection feel incredibly special.


To add a touch of Parisian alfresco elegance, head to our chic street-side café and stay for a cup of excellent coffee and a freshly prepared sandwich, while watching the world go by.


Gift Certificate (In Japanese only)

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    • 11am - 7:30pm

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Chocolates, Cakes & Breads

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