14 December 2022

Silent Night

For many of us, we turn to technology to drown out the traffic, sirens, construction noises, and general thrum of urban dwelling. Our modern devices fit conveniently in our pocket and, through our earbuds, provide access to an almost unlimited stream of digital content: music, videos, podcasts, lectures, etc. We can now turn every waking moment into an opportunity for entertainment, education or productivity.


The problem is that we actually need downtime. We are always connected, processing more information than ever before and living a pace of life that is getting faster and faster. But it’s not healthy. Sometimes we just need a moment of stillness. Our minds need time to rest and recover, to process the never-ending stream of digital noise, and to reconnect to our most important values through quiet contemplation.


In some ways, this is the biggest benefit of a visit to the spa. More than the ingredients of the products or the techniques of the therapists, it is that spas are one of the only places in modern society where we separate from technology and spend some time in silence.

The second Wednesday in December after 5pm, The Spas at Mandarin Oriental worldwide offer “Silent Night,” a night of contemplative calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy (and noisy) holiday season. You are invited to enjoy the spa in silence: no music, and no talking for this one special retreat. We provide a brief consultation to you upon arrival to the spa, and then you can enjoy the rest of your journey in silence. No small talk, no spa music, no explanations of products, just a night of restorative peace.


For those who don’t have an opportunity to visit the spa on this evening we invite you to participate at home by having a night of digital disconnection and contemplative calm wherever you may be. Our social media channels will go dark for this evening, reducing some of the digital noise and encouraging you to take a pause from your devices and spend an evening in quiet contemplation.


For one night, bring a bit more stillness and peace to the world. It might be just what we all need.