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Chefs de Cuisine of Sense Cantonese Dining

Takeshi Suzuki
Takeshi Suzuki began his career at Tokyo’s Michelin-starred Ryutenmon restaurant under the legendary Cantonese chef, Keimei Chin, and had honed his skills in authentic Cantonese cuisine including training by one of the top Barbecue chefs. After having worked as a head chef in a Cantonese restaurant in Tokyo, he joined the opening team at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo’s Sense Cantonese Dining in 2005. His long career with Sense restaurant has allowed him to learn each chef’s style to pursue Cantonese Cuisine, gain knowledge and refine techniques under the executive chefs who have won Michelin stars. His contribution to the culinary team with his exceptional skills and knowledge were well recognized and in 2018 when he was appointed as one of the Chefs de Cuisine and is currently leading the Sense culinary team with the other Chef de Cuisine, Toshiyuki Nakama.

Toshiyuki Nakama
Toshiyuki Nakama entered the world of Chinese cuisine by taking a chance of joining a newly opened Cantonese restaurant at one of the luxury hotels in Tokyo, after graduating from culinary school. While he brushed up his skills, he visited several Chinese master chefs in Hong Kong and Macao to learn their cooking styles. A series of his visits and experiences with these master chefs, learning different ways of using ingredients and unique seasonings as well as understanding of the Cantonese meaning and culture behind each recipe and cooking method, became a driving force of his career. In 2005, he joined the opening team of Sense Cantonese Dining at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo. Through his passion, curiosity and energy, he has contributed greatly to the team and was appointed as one of the Chefs de Cuisine of Sense in 2018. Since then, he has led the team along with the other Chef de Cuisine, Takeshi Suzuki.

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