plate of red steak with sauces being poured on it


Signature Chef de Cuisine

Luke Armstrong

After training as a chef in Australia, Chef de Cuisine Luke Armstrong spent more than a decade working in a string of world-celebrated kitchens – from legendary triple Michelin-starred Oud Sluis in The Netherlands to London’s one-starred Pied a Terre as well as The Ledbury, with two stars.

Chef Armstrong went on to win widespread culinary acclaim at the helm of Bacchanalia restaurant in Singapore – and within six months, became the youngest chef in the country to be awarded a Michelin star in 2017.

Today at Signature, Chef Armstrong showcases a passion for innovation through the use of seasonal, regional and consistently high quality Japanese ingredients combined with his expertise in dry ageing techniques. The end result? A unique and inspiring take on Contemporary French Cuisine in Tokyo.