A taste of France in the heart of Tokyo

It's all about the seasons. Signature offers an ever-changing menu that is always in tune with nature, as reflected in its seasonal cornucopia of delicious fish, meats, vegetables and fruits.

And so expect fresh asparagus and morels in Spring; a medley of mushrooms in the Summer; delicious game in the Autumn; and black truffles plus Japanese citrus fruits in the Winter.

French Fine Dining

Menu highlights

Fruit tomato with elderflower cream, local greens emulsion and citrus gelée brought together in a Gazpacho broth

Roasted Wagyu beef fillet with a fricassée of vegetables and red wine sauce

Wild fish of the day with crispy skin, seasonal vegetables, broad beans and verjus sauce

Sicilian pistachio parfait with lime sorbet, caramelized white chocolate, seasonal fruit and vanilla jus