Tapas Molecular Bar


Reanimate your senses

“Eating evokes more than just the five senses. A dining experience in a restaurant is the most complex form of art.”

Based on his philosophy, Chef Kento Ushikubo incorporates classic, modern, global technological and artistic elements into his molecular cuisine to create a new kind of sensory dining experience.

Chef Kento presents Escape of a Goldfish, which realises Chef Kento’s imagination in which goldfish always dream of escaping from their fish tank; Chowder, a dome-shaped clam chowder using liquid nitrogen and prepared in front of guests; Montreal-Style Wagyu, which tells the story of how Japanese Wagyu travelled to Montreal and returned with a local flavour; and an original Donut of luxurious caviar, perfectly paired with Champagne. Let Chef Kento’s creations spark your own imagination!

donut on platechowdermontreal wagyubonsaiescape goldfish