corner image of wooden bar facing window with city skyline

Sushi Shin by Miyakawa
A world-class Sushi experience

By reservation until 1pm
only at 12pm / 12:30pm / 1pm
Seating Capacity: 9 seats
By reservation by 4:30pm
only at 5pm / 5:30pm / 6pm
Seating Capacity: 9 seats
By reservation by 7:30pm
only at 8pm Seating Capacity: 9 seats
Wed & irregularly closed

Sushi Shin by Miyakawa is the first Tokyo branch restaurant of Hokkaido’s Michelin three-star Sushi Miyakawa. This exquisite location on the 38th floor of the hotel features over 350 years old Hinoki cypress sushi counter, and a stunning view of Tokyo Skytree and the surrounding skyline. Guests enjoy observing and interacting with our master chefs as each dish is crafted before them from the world’s selective ingredients, sourced daily from Hokkaido and Tokyo’s Toyosu market.

The restaurant design is a visual delight featuring works commissioned by Chef Miyakawa from some of Japan’s most famous artisans. Guests are greeted by a wooden “Edo Komon” screen crafted by Nobuo Tanihata, regarded as a living legend for his mastery of the “Kumiko” style woodworking technique developed 1300 years ago. The wall centered behind the counter is a mesmerizing creation by Syuhei Hasado, Japan’s most renowned “tsuchi-kabe” designer.



Child Policy: Children 16 years old and older are welcome to dine with us.
Raw fish is a key ingredient in each meal served at Sushi Shin by Miyakawa. We are unable to offer a menu free of raw ingredients or gluten.
Kindly avoid wearing excessive perfume as this impacts other guests’ dining experience.
Smoking policy: All areas are non-smoking.