TokyoCultural experiences

Cultural experiences

Discover the spirit of old Edo

We are pleased to offer guests rare glimpses into the city’s history through unique experiences in Nihonbashi, home to Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo. Please contact us for more details.

Learn Bushido from a Samurai Master

From JPY 27,500 per person including interpreter charge

Many maintain the soul of Japan derives from bushido, the ancient code of honour and ethics developed by Japanese samurai. Work with a samurai master at the Samurai Training Hall, where you will wear a kimono and explore the “way of the warrior”. 

Three-day advanced notice required. 


Enjoy Haute Kaiseki Cuisine and Geisha Performances

From JPY 150,000 for two people

Allow us to arrange a private room for you at either Kanetanaka or Shinkiraku, two of the capital’s most exclusive traditional restaurants, where first-time visitors require a formal introduction. Enjoy sophisticated kaiseki cuisine while authentic geisha sing and perform traditional dances. Available weekdays except public holidays. 

Seven-day advanced notice required. 


Discover Life in a Traditional Japanese Wooden Home

From JPY 14,700 per person including interpreter charge

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo invites you to experience a true sense of place by visiting a traditional wooden home close to the hotel near Kanda Myojin shrine.  Built 80 years ago for a wealthy lumber merchant, the house is decorated in the spartan style typical of its era.  Learn how make tea like the locals, master the art of origami and become familiar with manners for visiting shrines. 

Offered for two people daily. 


Learn to Make Sushi at the Famed Tsukiji Market

JPY 38,000 per person

Known as the “Pantry of Japan”, Tsukiji Market is the world’s largest food hall, full of colour, action, and unforgettable scenes. Your guided tour of Tsukiji’s inner and outer markets begins with a brief film and walking tour of the halls, after which an expert chef will teach you how to make the perfect sushi. After instruction, enjoy your sushi with refreshing green tea. For parties of four or more. Offered all days except Sunday, Wednesday and public holidays. 

Five-day advanced notice required.


Cruise the Sumida River in a Shogun-Style Pleasure Boat

JPY 370,000 for two people

Since the early 17th century, the Sumida River has inspired poets and been Tokyo’s favourite playground.  Experience this enchanting waterway starting with a traditional dinner at famed waterfront restaurant Kameseiro, established in 1855. Then board a chartered yakatabune – a  roofed pleasure boat fashioned after those used by the Tokugawa shogun, right down to its red-lacquered hull and woven mats. On board, geisha will entertain with dance and shamisen playing, as in the days of old. Offered all days except Sunday and public holidays. 

Seven-day advanced notice required. 


Savour a Two-Star Michelin Lunch at one of Tokyo’s Most Celebrated Restaurants

JPY 240,000 for two people

Follow in the footsteps of Nobel Laureates, glitterati, artists, and Japan’s revered gourmands at Fukudaya, one of Tokyo’s most celebrated restaurants.  Settle into the Fukudaya’s private Inakaya Room, where you will savour two-star Michelin dining in the form of refined kaiseki cuisine.  While you dine, enjoy a performance of shinnai, a highly ornamented style of singing to shamisen accompaniment that captures the wit and savoir fare of 18th century Tokyo. On Saturdays, dinner may be booked instead of lunch. Offered all days except Sunday and public holidays. 

Seven-day advanced notice required.


Just minutes from the hotel lies Suigian, a discreetly elegant and intimate venue offering a truly magical experience. Guests will enjoy traditional Japanese theatre performances - from Noh to Kyogen - on a cypress wood stage. Performances (helpfully explained in English) are accompanied by an exquisite seasonal sushi feast - or Japanese drinks and cocktails after dark. A wonderful and unique destination, Suigian offers both a window into Japan’s culinary and cultural past, and a night to remember.



Regarded by many to be the birthplace of modern Tokyo, Nihonbashi is not only the neighbourhood in which Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo is located, but also a dynamic financial and commercial hub of the city. Home to the famous Nihonbashi bridge, which dates back to 1603, the neighbourhood offers a host of attractions from culinary hotspots and cultural attractions to artisan boutiques, private workshops, sushi restaurants and department stores. Book the offer or view the walking map.